37 Weeks



Whoa Mama, that’s one big belly

I can’t believe I’m already at 37 weeks, I feel like this pregnancy has flow by. I remember Jarod and I being so excited we were pregnant, then the first doctors appointment, first ultrasound, hearing the heartbeat, finding out the sex, feeling the first flutters and then kicks, viability week, and now full term!

Not only are we full term but it’s October 1st which is her birth month. She can literally come any day this month. By October 31st if she’s not here my midwives will probably suggest inducing me, which is not something I want to do but I’m also not looking to grow a record weighing baby.

The middle of last week I started drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea and taking/using Evening Primrose oil. These do not induce labor but help prep the body for it. Raspberry leaf tea helps tone the muscles of the uterus to help labor move along more progressively, not so much faster but more efficient. Evening Primrose oil helps thin the cervix so that when I do go into labor and I also heard in helps with tearing (I know, TMI- Sorry!)

My back has been the most uncomfortable part. I’ve defiantly reached that I’m over this point and just ready and excited to meet our little girl.

Sleep has been ok besides the wake-ups to pee. I may just be getting used to less sleep now. Also I would love to take a nap but lounging on the couch isn’t comfortable, although a heating pad and Jarod rubbing my back does feel good so most nights end this way.

Weight: Ugh, the inevitable gain. I think I’m at 32lbs gained now, I have my prenatal appointment tomorrow so I’ll know for sure. I can tell I’m retaining a lot of fluid and now in the end that I’m not walking everyday like I used to the weight is coming on. I try not to be overly crazy about what I’ve gained, I’ve enjoyed foods that I might have otherwise restricted myself from, and for my first pregnancy I think I’ve done pretty good and have learned a lot for the next time around <—- yes I want to do this again :)

Yesterday I got my car cleaned, washed and went to the police station to have the car seat installed. After that I went to Babies R Us to get a sun shade, baby on board sticker and mirror for the back of the seat. Later that evening Jarod and I uninstalled the car seat and redid it because the level was a little off. When I went to the police station to get it installed the car was on a bit of hill so it didn’t end up level when I was in my flat driveway, I’m not really sure why the police officer trained to install these didn’t take that into account. At least I saw him put it in the first time so fixing it with Jarod was easy.

Hospital bag is almost completely packed,  Nursery is all set up, and I started getting Pipers clothes and Diaper bag ready too. While I’ve been doing this Jarod had been chopping and stacking wood, installing new piping for the woodstove, and finishing up side work. We both have our own way of nesting.

We are ready.

I’m not going to lie and say I don’t have fears and doubts about labor as it inches closer and closer. My goal is to have an un-medicated birth and I know my body is capable of doing that. If my birth plan doesn’t go the way I’ve imagined I’m ok with that because no matter what my outcome will be the same….our daughter will be born.

The last thing I want to do these days is take pictures of myself or rather my growing belly, but I really want to be able to look back on this time. I’ll probably update weekly now that I’m 3 weeks away from the due date and any post could be my last pregnancy one!

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2 Responses to 37 Weeks

  1. LeeMo says:

    Brooke, what books did you find the most helpful to read? There are just so many out there and just so much info , it’s seriously overwhelming.

    • Brooke says:

      Lindsey… first off Congrats!!! :) I’m so excited for you and all these little nuggets that are going to be so close in age!
      I was a little overwhelmed with what to read at first and stayed away from the What to Expect when your expecting books because they give you way too much unnecessary info and can sometime scare you. When I found out I might not be able to have an epidural I stated looking for all natural birthing books and read almost all of Ina May Gaskin’s books and watched the movie and follow up episodes of the Business of Being Born (funny enough directed by the talk show host Ricki Lake), I also read the BANI book and mindful birthing….you have to take out of them what you want because they can be very hippie :) If something starts to scare you when you read it- stop reading it! you’ll only freak yourself out.


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