Baby To Do List


Complete a baby registry and figure out what I am going to buy sooner rather than later- Babies R Us

Purchase and assemble crib and mattress

Finish making nursery décor decisions

Buy dresser, side table and some kind of rocker/chair/glider and assemble

Paint closet, get closet door and figure out closet system of organization

Get new door for nursery- decided on hanging a curtain

Re-do ceiling fan

Paint nursery and fix scuff marks on walls?

Buy and Hang curtains and blinds no curtains for now, just put up white cordless blinds

Attend birth center open house at Anna Jacques- July 2013

Attend childbirth class, breastfeeding class, and baby care basics class –Signed up for BANI birth class starting  June 23, 2013 last class in late September, Breastfeeding class September 9, 2013

READ LOTS OF BOOKS!! – Ina May Gaskin, BANI, Mindful Birthing, etc. – will probably be reading up until she arrives

Hire a doula (done- Caitlin!)

Write out birth wishes-

Research baby health insurance and write down all contacts for after delivery- Piper will go right onto our insurance as soon as she is born, Tufts Health Care

Research cord banking- decided to nix too expensive and you have to jump through hoops to actually use it if needed

Research local placenta encapsulation – Everything is set up

Choose pediatrician

Buy things for postpartum – like nursing bras or nursing pads

Install car seat and have it inspected by Fire Department

Wash all new things have all 0-3 months clothes and swaddlers washed, holding off on the bigger sizes in case she’s too small or big for them.

Nest the crib

Purchase and assemble stroller-

Put together any gear that requires assembly (sleeper, swing, seats, pack n play etc.) in preparation for baby arrival. At the very least, figure out how stuff works in advance.

Put all baby things like wipes, toiletries for baby and shampoos in a handy spot- need help with this organization project!

Finish diaper changing station assembly

Purchase and Pack a diaper bag – in LOVE with my Storksak diaper bag

Pack hospital bags

Figure out dirty diaper disposal, possibly diaper genie?

Baby names- Done! 

Schedule newborn photographer Have her notified of due date, but she comes within 7 days of birth to the house so I can’t have an exact date planned.

Buy gift for doula

Buy lots of cards and stamps for thank you notes

Write all thank you notes shower thank-you’s done within 2 weeks, score.

Go on a babymoon- North Conway for the weekend September 7, 2013

Freeze some meals

Finish school – 3 classes left signed up for 2 this fall, get it done!

Discuss with Jerry time off from work:

Time off will be 2 weeks when she’s born

Then WORK FROM HOME! So excited about this and my home office is all set up.

Of course I will need to get into the office some days for a few hours, but I have that covered

Work schedule to be:

Monday- mom can watch for a few hours (as need be)

Tuesday- can come in at night 5-7 while Jerry has appointments

Wednesday- mom can watch for a few hours (as need be)

Thursday- can come in at night 5-7 while Jerry has appointments

Friday- Terri will watch for a few hours (as need be)

I also will be getting a pack and play for my office in case I need to bring Piper in with me, I have my own small office on the 3rd floor so bringing her isn’t an issue.

I had all arrangements done to go back to work after 6 weeks and had Monday, Wednesday and Fridays covered for our mothers to watch Piper and then go in Tuesday and Thursday nights when Jarod got home. Now that I’m working from home after 2 weeks of full time full pay off I can use our mothers as needed and it doesn’t need to be a full day for them anymore.

So pretty much all I have to do is:

  • Buy more thank you cards, stamps, and gift for doula
  • get my organization together for wipes station and extra toiletries
  • pack hospital bags and diaper bag  (not a necessity right now but I’m excited to do it!)
  • install car seat when we get closer to the due date and have inspected
  • Finish the nursery- so close on this one I’d say 2 weeks and it will be complete
  • freeze some meals and go on a few dates (dates meaning relax on the couch in our pajamas and eat Cheetos while watching Duck Dynasty reruns)
  • And I’m sure my biggest thing in the last few weeks will be “nesting” aka cleaning and organizing like a mad woman

Sometime seeing the list in writing makes me feel like I have accomplished so much but even seeing what I still need to do, makes me think of more things and I get a bit overwhelmed, but all in all I think I’m doing pretty good.

Looking forward to our babymoon to North Conway this weekend!

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2 Responses to Baby To Do List

  1. kat says:

    what a nice blog and beautiful birth story. I actually lived on the same street as Jarrod for a time, then they moved. But I went to high school with them and graduated with his older brother. It’s Nice to see he married such a loving lady. Congrats to you both on the birth of your baby girl. I love her name. I really appreciate the honesty in your birth story. I’m having twins myself and I am trying to do it natural, but I am very nervous about the possibility of having to have a c-section. Who took the pictures during your birth? They came out really great! I’m enjoying your blog and will continue to follow, God bless you and your adorable little family :0)

    • Brooke says:

      Hi Kate! Congrats on your twins! do you know what your having?
      I’m happy you enjoy reading the blog :) its been crazy with a new baby but I’m loving every minute of being a mom and hope that once things settle I can do some more updating on the blog. One of the nurses during the c section actually took our camera and starting taking some pictures and they ended up coming out great.
      The only advice I have is don’t get stuck on anything, your babies will come as they should, literally everything I said I wouldn’t do while being pregnant Ive done or had happen to me being a mom lol.

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