Carrots N Cake Book!


I had school all weekend and our teacher made us stay the exact amount of time 8-5 both days. I was called into work on Saturday morning for a few hours but was only able to miss 4 hours of school or else I would fail the class so I worked 6-11 then rushed to school and got there by 11:45, got out of there at 5 and went right to my friends Brooke’s house to see all the things she got at her baby shower!

I was so upset having to miss Brooke’s shower but was excited to see all the things she received and was happy to hear that her day turned out to be a success, Aubrey is going to be one lucky little girl and I can not wait to meet her!

Sundays Night Eats

To say I was tired on Sunday when I got out of school would be an understatement. Thankfully Jarod cooked dinner and put a lot of thought into it too…taking some pictures for my blog as he prepped!

Appetizers were ready right when I got home: Steamers!



A few hours before I got home he soaked cedar planks in the sink for the main dish:


since wood floats he had to keep it submerged with a frying pan and canister of flour, pretty creative that husband of mine is.


Scrod cooked on Cedar planks marinated with a garlic, soy and brown sugar marinade Jarod came up with…SO GOOD!


we also had grilled tomatoes and asparagus.


Baxter and Lucy patiently waiting for something to fall while Jarod cooked the Scrod.

*On a side note the name of the fish makes me giggle, I can’t be the only one who’s that immature and thinks it’s a funny name, right!?

While I was at school Baxter and Lucy had a tough day. I mean the life of a dog is pretty rough:






I also got this in the mail:



I have been waiting for the release of this book from Tina Haupert of Carrots N Cake since I found out she was writing one. I’ve been following Tina’s blog for awhile now and its fun to read a book written by someone you feel like you know personally.

I won a signed copy! I was hoping to go to her book signing in Boston in a few weeks but its on a Thursday night and wasn’t sure if I could make it but I might still try since I’d love to meet her!

I’ve only had the chance to read the Intro but I’m excited to read more.


I took a blogging hiatus this weekend since I was stuck in school but had a ton of things I still wanted to post. I might have to start writing in advance….this blog of mine has kind of turned into an addiction for me.

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  1. Awww, i LOOOOVE the pup posts!

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