Piper’s Birth Story

*Before I start this I want to say that I’m writing this to document my pregnancy coming to an end and the beginning of Jarod and I’s life with Piper. I realize that this birth story isn’t the most inspiring or heartwarming and I don’t want to worry or discourage anyone that is currently pregnant, I may not have had a great outcome of what I envisioned my labor and delivery to be but I have been rewarded with the best baby and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. When I was pregnant I never read a bad labor and delivery blog post and I didn’t set myself up for anything but a natural labor, you live and learn.

Jarod and I got to the hospital around 9:00 am on Tuesday 10/29 and were sent into the admission room to be checked. A nurse hooked me up to the fetal monitor and took some vitals before the midwife on call came in to check me, everything looked great.



About 10 minutes later Amy the midwife on call came in to check and see where I was at. She did an internal exam and said that I was about 3-4 cm dilated and 90% effaced/thinned. Then as soon as she was done checking me I felt like I was peeing myself a little bit, I asked if my water broke. She checked and said that I was just having my bloody show and she said she would have the a nurse start getting a room ready for us because she felt more comfortable if we stayed.

We called our moms to let them know the progress and not to rush because we had no idea how long this was going to take and we didn’t want them to wait around all day. We told them we would call them again when we were settled in our room and after I got checked again in a couple of hours.

This particular day/week was a busy one for the maternity ward and every room was occupied and there was a wait for the birthing tub so I put my name in figuring by the time it was available I would need to use it.

At this point my contractions were still just bad period cramps, completely tolerable.

We walked the halls of the maternity ward, we texted some people, kept saying to each other “is this really happening”, and played catch in the room with the birthing ball (totally normal right?)



Amy came back in around 12:30 pm to check me again. I was 4 cm dilated not much changed for 3 hours. She suggested I have my water broken to see if the added pressure would help me dilate more. I asked if this would put me on a time-clock (baby usually needs to be out within 24 hours of water breaking) and she assured me I would most likely have the baby within 24 hours and that as long as the baby was fine there would be no time-clock.

So Jarod and I agreed to have my water broken in hopes of it moving things along.

They took a a hook out that looked like a crocheting needle which terrified me but I was assured it didn’t hurt, and it didn’t. Amy told me I would feel like I was peeing myself but wouldn’t be able to stop it. She broke my water and nothing happened, I didn’t feel anything. She said maybe when I stood up I would feel it, I stood up and nothing. No water came out at all. She then said maybe the baby’s head was acting like a cork and holding the water in and it would all come out at labor. I found this all to be a little weird but just let it go.

Around  1:30 pm I was finally up next for the birthing tub, just as my mom and Terri my MIL were arriving.

Contractions were still tolerable but I was happy to get in the tub and relax a bit, as the contractions do tend to tense you up.

From this time on all my contractions started getting more frequent and intense but I was able to breath through them and tried to focus on something on the wall.

The whole afternoon was a blur.

I couldn’t get in the hospital bed and relax because laying down or even sitting was too intense a feeling. I walked the halls with Jarod, every time a contraction would come on I’d stop and hold on the bars that lined the hallways walls. I got in the birthing tub a 2nd time, I laid bent over the bed, or on hands and knees and for a good hour I got in the shower and bounced on a yoga ball while pulling down on a towel tied to the bar on the wall. The warm water of the shower felt the best. Jarod kept coming in to check on me and giving me water so I didn’t dehydrate.

I was only checked maybe one or two more times that afternoon after my water was broken, the risk of infection can go up so they like to lessen the internal exams.

Like I said the afternoon into evening was a blur. I know my mom and Terri were in the room for a lot of my labor and my brother even stopped by after work to see me. I think everyone thought there would be a baby by that point.

Up until 9pm 10/29 I was doing the all natural labor I had hoped for and although it was intense and at times I doubted myself it really was totally do-able.

At 7:00 pm after I had seen nurses and midwifes come and go off work, I was finally feeling exhausted and the contractions were extremely intense. A new midwife Susan was on call and she came in and checked me. I was 9 1/2 cm dilated, fully effaced and station 2. I was so close to being done, I even heard them turn the warmer on for the baby.

By 9:00 pm my labor was stalling and wasn’t progressing. My cervix had started to swell and I was only dilated 9cm, down 1/2 a cm from the swelling. Susan had me try and push through my contractions by squatting down while Jarod held me back, but that didn’t work. She then had me push through contractions while Jarod and a nurse pulled back on my knees and Susan tried to manually push my cervix to the side (ouch!) and that didn’t work. Susan told me that Piper was sunny side up as well.

Since my labor was stalling meaning my contractions were getting father apart, she suggested I have Pitocin administered to start it back up in hopes that I would fully dilated and get that urge to push the baby out.

Our last attempt at trying to naturally start labor up was nipple stimulation. I know this sounds so ridiculous but its supposed to work. When Susan suggested this I figured, well why not and looked at Jarod who said yeah go ahead and then realized I meant that HE do it. Poor guy, and it didn’t work.

Nothing was working and I was tired and upset. We finally agreed to the Pitocin. I cried as I realized this was going to be intense, it was an intervention, and it was a step in a direction I hadn’t planned to take.

I wish I could recall the next 6 hours but it’s all fuzzy like a dream. All I remember was the it was the most intense sensations I had ever felt. It was contraction on top on contraction and I really had almost no time to catch my breath. I remember that I had to be hooked up every hour to the fetal monitor so that the baby could be checked and my vitals had to be checked hourly to. When I wasn’t being hooked up I was leaning over the bed pretty much biting the mattress. Somewhere in the 6 hour period I began to develop a low grade fever. We tried more practice pushing but all I could feel was Pipers head hitting my tailbone and I kept telling the nurses that I thought my ovaries were going to pop. I also remember them having me try different positions to try and move the baby into position so she wasn’t sunny side up. They also brought in something called the bean which looked like a yoga ball sucked in the middle with a waist band. They put it between my legs and had me roll to my side. This was so uncomfortable it hurt and it did nothing.

Somewhere around this time is also when I pretty much ripped all my clothes off because I was sweating and also throwing up a few times.

At 3:00 am (10/30) Susan came in to check me and said I hadn’t progressed at all. I couldn’t believe it. Then she suggested I get an epidural. She said my body needed to rest, she thought by being relaxed I could dilate fully and she could manually push my cervix aside.

I broke down, I was tired and I knew I needed the epidural but was so reluctant to do it. Jarod was so supportive this whole time of me doing a natural labor and even when it got tough he reminded me to breath and that I could do it but even he knew with the Pitocin it was just too much for me, I wasn’t progressing, and this was the only option left so we agreed that I would get an epidural.

I broke down and cried again.

My all natural labor had defiantly come to an end and I felt like a failure for “giving in” to pain meds.

At 3:30 am the anesthesiologist came up to give me the epidural. He asked Jarod to leave the room and I was left with just my nurse Kristen. The anesthesiologist went through paperwork and ask questions and then Kristen told me that I was going to have to be very still while the needle went in. I was terrified because my contractions were still on top of one another and I was scared that if one came I would move. Kristen hugged me and told me to just squeeze her when I felt the pain of a contraction and to try and hold a deep breath. We both apologized to each other for our bad breaths.

I honestly don’t remember having any pain getting the epidural. Then I had a catheter put in and hooked up to some fluids and more Pitocin. I was definitely confined to the bed at this point.

Once I was all set up Jarod was allowed back in.

As soon as the epidural started working I felt nothing, seriously nothing. All my pain went away and my legs felt like they were asleep but I could still move them. Jarod and I were so tired that we shut the lights off and slept until 5:00 am. Our nurse even brought blankets into the waiting room for ours mothers who were still there waiting.

Around 5:00 am Susan came in to check me, for what would be the last time. I hadn’t progressed at all. I figured she would tell me to wait a few more hours or something but she sat next to me and told me that she thought it would be in my best interest to get a c-section. Even though the baby was fine, I wasn’t progressing no matter what I tried. She said I could go on for hours like this and would let me if I wanted to but if the baby became distressed then the c-section would be more of an emergency then what it was now. Between my cervix swelling, Piper being sunny side and essentially stuck in my pelvis, and the lack or rather no progressions in hours it was pretty much my only option. Susan told me that she would have Dr. Boyer come in and explain more about the procedure but it was ultimately Jarod and I’s decision.

I didn’t say anything at first, shocked that this is where my labor was ending after hours and hours of trying everything. And then the tears came, yet another break down. To say I was devastated would be an understatement.

With tears rolling down my face Dr. Boyer came in and sat at the end of my bed with Susan. She had the sweetest demeanor and answered all my questions. I don’t even remember what I was asking all I remember was crying.

They both left the room to leave me and Jarod alone to talk and discuss.

Jarod knew I was upset and really supported whatever decision I made. We decided to go along with the c-section since at this point it wasn’t an emergency and no matter how long I waited I wouldn’t progress further. After the decision was made, the tears came down faster. Jarod brought our moms into the room so we could tell them which only made me start to sob.

I think they were almost relieved to see this finally come to an end after watching me labor for so long. No one though thought it would end this way.

My mom called my auntie Tracey so that she could talk with me, she had had a c-section with my cousin Alex and answered some more questions for me but basically just let me cry some more.

We then told Susan and Dr. Boyer our decision and everyone started getting ready.

By 7am on 10/30 I was starting to be prepped for surgery.

Jarod was given a gown that pretty much looked like a hazmat suite that he had to wear in for surgery.

By 8:11 am I was wheeled into the operating room where the anesthesiologist gave me lots of different shots/meds and I was set up for surgery. Jarod had to wait outside while I got prepped and I was so nervous I was shaking uncontrollably. I kept telling them I was nervous that I was going to feel it and they assured me they wouldn’t let that happen.

Finally Jarod was allowed in and he sat next to me and gave me a kiss and told me we were finally going to meet our baby girl.


A sheet was put up in front of my face so I had no idea what was going on the other side.

Then surgery started.

I didn’t feel any pain but when they began to take Piper out I felt pressure.

At 8:36 am 10/30 Piper was born.


She immediately started crying and so did Jarod and I.

Love at first sight, a feeling I could never explain.

They brought her behind the curtain to show us and then she was taken to get cleaned up and weighed while I was being stitched up.

She weight 8 lbs. 14.5 oz. and was 21 inches long


Poor little nugget was seriously water logged and had a cone on top of her head from being logged in my pelvis for so long.

Jarod was still holding my hand at this point and I told him to go see her and hold her. He went over to the warmer and held her hand and cut her umbilical cord. Then she was wrapped up and placed in his arms.




The best feeling in the world was seeing Jarod with his baby girl.

Then Jarod brought her over to me and placed her on my chest.


She started sucking on my chin and put her hand in my mouth.

Piper knew I was her mom. When she felt my heartbeat on my chest she stopped crying.

My whole world had changed in a moment.

By 9:15 am I was wheeled into recovery and finally able to really hold my little girl.


The most amazing feeling in the world.

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

This birth post has been so long I’ll write a follow-up one with more pictures, postpartum problems, and recovery.

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Meet Our Little Girl

Piper Snow Schena

Born October 30, 2013 at 8:36 am

8 lbs. 14.5 oz. and 21 inches



We are so in Love!

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41 Weeks

I’m writing this weekly update post 3 weeks after the fact so I’ll try to remember as much as possible



Well I never thought I would have made it to 41 weeks! (41 weeks 1 day to be exact)

I noticed my belly grow bigger everyday, baby girl was putting on some weight and I felt it

Sleep was not great per usual

I had some serious anxiety about being late and having to possibly be induced. At night when I wasn’t sleeping I was googling things and it made me really nervous. I had a few hormonal breakdowns where I would just burst into tears.

I had been prepared since 38 weeks so there wasn’t much I could do to keep my mind off everything

Jarod and I bought a 550 piece Christmas puzzle thinking it would take us until Christmas to complete….wrong again we finished in 3 days.


I walked around Whole Foods and drowned my sorrows in the most heavenly chocolate bar ever, I highly suggest this


I had an appointment scheduled for an ultrasound and non-stress test at the hospital for Monday which was 10/28 1 day before 41 weeks. Lisa one of the midwives scheduled it 1 1/2 weeks prior hoping it would jinx me into labor….well that didn’t work!

photo (1)

The ultrasound showed that our little HUGE nugget was estimating to be 9 lbs. 2 oz. The ultrasound tech told us that its really inaccurate that far along and can be 1 lb. over or under the estimate.

I felt huge but still thought I had an 8 lb. something baby and not 9 or over

After the ultrasound we went up to the birth center for the non-stress test.

It went perfectly and Piper was doing great. Lisa the midwife swept my membranes which didn’t feel like anything other than an internal exam and then scheduled me an appointment to come in Thursday night if I hadn’t gone into labor before then. I was scheduled for an induction but as long as a further non-stress test showed that Piper was doing good she would let me go to 42 weeks. I was really adamant about going into labor naturally so I wished and prayed that it would happen.

After the appointments Jarod and I went to lunch at Panera and I went home since I didn’t have any work….by the way I was still working right up until labor.

I went to the mall that afternoon with my mom and I was having some major cramping and walked around like a duck, a very slow duck. My mom and I went in separate cars since she was going straight to work and when I told her she could just go ahead and leave she looked at me like I had 9 heads and walked me to my car and made me go home.

When I got home I sat on the couch to relax and watched some TV still feeling crampy.

Not long after I got home I got a call from my mom asking me if I was ok. She said she was having bad cramps and hadn’t felt cramps since before her hysterectomy years prior. I told her I felt the same way and she took it as a sign that I would be in labor soon.

Once Jarod got home from work he started getting ready for a wake that he had to attend. I didn’t end up going for obvious reasons. I think he was a little nervous to leave me because I was feeling a little funny but I told him even if I went into labor a baby cant come that fast, I could only hope!

***you may want to skip the rest of this post if you don’t like words like mucus plug***

Not long after Jarod left my cramps started getting a little more intense, nothing bad just like a really bad period.

After going to the bathroom I noticed when I wiped myself that I was starting to lose my mucus plug (I warned you TMI). Every time thereafter I began to lose a little more. It was nothing like I expected its like clear jelly

When Jarod called to say he was on his way home I told him that I thought I was loosing my mucus plug and he asked how I knew, what it looked like, when I told him he said he was going to gag….obviously he probably shouldn’t have asked lol.

He came home with Wendy’s for dinner because all I wanted was french fries to eat.

Right around the time he got home 7:30 pm, I noticed that my cramps were coming in waves every 5-10 minutes. I still denied that I was in labor (and honestly probably was in labor  way before this but I counted my labor starting at 7:30 pm). Jarod downloaded an app on his IPhone and we began tracking my contractions.

I decided that vacuuming the house was a good idea and as a wave of contractions would start I’d get down on one knee and laugh. I didn’t know how to react to the sensation, it didn’t hurt but it didn’t feel great either. I ended up doing dishes and laundry too just in case this was the real deal I wanted everything done.

At this point I decided to take a bath and call the midwife on call to make sure this was in fact labor which she assured me sounded like it was.

And so began my labor. We went to bed hoping to get some sleep, and Jarod defiantly did, almost a full night in fact. I on the only hand was up every 5 minutes give or take when a contraction would start. At 3 :30 am the next morning I couldn’t stay in bed any longer and I woke Jarod to tell him. We headed downstairs and I got on the yoga ball to bounce.

Jarod started the coffee, we both took showers, I laid on a heating pad, bounced on a yoga ball, had Jarod rub my back, and attempted to sleep.

I called the midwife back at this point some 12 hours later and she told me to come into the birthing center so she could check me and see how far along I was.

I went to my moms side to tell her I was leaving for the hospital, Jarod called his mom and his boss to inform him that he probably was coming into work, and we got our bags ready.

(We actually stopped by Beacon Electric on our way to the hospital since my husband was supposed to pick up stock for work, and one of his co-workers met us in the hospital parking lot to pick it up, I still laugh about this)

I honestly though I would be getting sent back home since I didn’t feel all that bad but when we got the hospital we didn’t leave.

Birth Story up next! :)

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40 Weeks


40 Weeks 1 Day


I would have bet money that I wasn’t going to go until my due date, but yesterday morning I got my bumpdate on my phone indicating that today she was due and yesterday came and went with no baby.

Over the weekend Jarod and I were able to enjoy time together going to the apple orchard and getting cinnamon donuts!


Piper feels like the size of a pumpkin these days so it was only fitting that I took a picture with one

Saturday night we went into Newburyport to get some drinks on the water then some clam chowder downtown

photo (1)

and this is what happened when little girls don’t come on there due date…..

photo (1)

there mother keeps buying more things for them! These baby Keens were too cute to pass up on sale.

I have honestly felt really good the past week. I have period like cramps and some Braxton Hicks contractions but nothing too bad. I still haven’t been sleeping great, I’ve tried Tylenol PM and sometimes it helps but I think I’m just so anxious to meet her that sleep is non existent some nights. Oh and my fingers got too swollen and I had to take my wedding rings off….so sad.

This has to be the worst/hardest part of pregnancy, the waiting and guessing. Labor I’m sure is difficult, or I know it is or they would call it labor, but you know your that much closer to meeting your little one.

Especially being a first time mom I don’t know what to expect, and even the midwives cant tell me when she’s going to come, just that her heart rate and movement are good.

On Monday I had a prenatal visit where they told me I was 75% effaced and 1 cm dilated, I really haven’t changed in two weeks and numbers mean nothing.

I’ve had lots of emails, texts, and phone calls all asking how I am, if Pipers here yet, or when she’s coming. I wish I could tell everyone when she was going to come, I wish I could tell everyone that I felt awful and that she was going to be here any minute but the truth is I feel great and I have no idea!

I have done everything you can to help with labor, raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, yoga ball, walking, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractor, massage, I didn’t take castor oil but did try milk of magnesia after a few days of not going to the bathroom, and that did nothing as well but help me get regular. I know these are all great things for me and I’m happy I do them and will continue some but if you’re an expecting mom, don’t do these to try and induce labor but to simply support it for when it does happen. I’m learning everyday that your baby decides when they want to come. Even if your healthcare providers tell you your having a big baby….your body will make a baby the size it can handle so don’t push it too much to induce yourself. I say all this but don’t think I’m not totally crawling out of my skin wanting to meet this little girl, and hormones make your anxiety 100 times worse, I may or may not have burst into tears yesterday for no reason….and then again this morning.

Also don’t go and Google anything like I do! When I cant sleep at night I go on my phone and look up Pinterest recipes, Instargam photos, catch up on blogs, weather, and emails and then I get caught asking questions on Google that bring me into these forums and people will say anything. Last night I asked Google the percentage of late pregnancies (past due date) and got all kinds of threads popping up. One told me the stillborn percentage goes up after 40 weeks…..that never even crossed my mind and now I’m pretty paranoid. I’m no longer going online asking anything. I like to read birth stories on blogs and its pretty 50/50 with late and early pregnancies, its just that all the late ones I’ve read were boys.

I have an ultrasound and appointment on Monday, and I’ll be pretty bummed if I make it until then because I know we will have to talk about induction at the appointment, something I never wanted. I know they wont let me go past 10 days so as of today I have 9 days left…..November 1st, but still holding out for an October baby.

I need to boost my oxytocin levels since I’ve been feeling pretty down, so I’m going to go for a walk today and then to Whole Foods….why that store makes me happy is beyond me but I love it?

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39 Weeks


39 Weeks 1 day today

Belly is huge and pretty hard. Not too much room for the little one to move anymore. I feel feet in my rib cage and hands squeezing my bladder.

This week my belly button has changed from being in to out! I’ve popped, turkey’s done baby girl, cookin’ times over and I’m ready to have you OUT

I haven’t any crazy cravings, breakfast has been oatmeal and egg whites lately, on and in festive bowls and plates of course


Saturday I had carrot cake for lunch


Over the long weekend I walked 5 miles everyday, but these past 2 days I took a break. I feel her moving lower and lower slowly. It doesn’t look it but I feel it. My bladder seems even smaller then before and I’m able to eat a little more now.

photo (1)

I’ve been cleaning the house, keeping up with laundry, stocking the freezer with Raymond’s turkey pies and Napoli’s meat pies for quick meals when the babies born, and relaxing as much as possible.

photo (1)

I’m still using the evening primrose oil and occasional raspberry leaf tea will be consumed. Walking and bouncing on the yoga ball. Eating some spicy foods and taking warm baths.

Not sure when she’s going to get here but my guess all along has been on the 18th, this Friday. I guess we will have to wait and see. It’s the full moon and I hear lots of babies are born around that time because of atmospheric pressure.

I have a Mexican food date with my nephew this Friday to eat some spicy food, partly because spicy food is said to bring on labor but mainly because I lovveee Mexican food.

The past week I bought 2 new items that I heard and read amazing reviews on for newborns. The Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper and the Infant Boppy Lounger. I also picked up a really cute holiday dress at Gymboree’s $16.99 and under sale and ordered a custom Patriots onsie on Etsy (and matching bow). I’m trying to resist the urge to shop until she’s here but its so hard!

This past week has been totally different. I’ve had every symptom from my entire pregnancy all in one week: cramps, nausea, tiredness, bursts of energy, moments I don’t feel pregnant, happy, moody, full nights of sleep, and sleepless nights? oh and a new one- Hot Flashes, I feel like I’m going through menopause!

I ended up going to acupuncture today on my lunch break. I didn’t go last week like I had planned, I wanted to hold off until after 39 weeks, even though my midwife said it was fine, I’ve heard that babies are much more prepared after 39 weeks and I didn’t want to push it. The session wasn’t relaxing by any means and wasn’t supposed to be. She told me that she was stimulating certain areas and the reasons why. Then every so often she would come back to stimulate the areas again. She said that my body was very ready and ask if there was anything that might be holding me back about the birth. I discussed some of my concerns and it felt more like a therapy session for me and if nothing, the talking was helpful! I do have reservations about the birth because I don’t know what to expect. I’d love to have a natural birth but all in all whatever is best for the baby is what will be done. I’m also not winning a medal or going to be judged for how my birth turns out so I feel better about everything already.

I’m so ready at this point to have her, I feel mentally ready more then ever too!

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38 Weeks




Could this be my last bumpdate? Probably not but I can hope.

I just left my 38 week prenatal visit and was told I was 0% dilated and 75% effaced.

Usually with first pregnancies your completely effaced before your cervix starts to open (not always) so I was very happy about this, maybe the evening primrose oil is working. I’ve slacked on the Raspberry Leaf Tea though.

Tomorrow I have a prenatal massage with Caitlin where she will do a little acupressure to move things along. I’m just excited to be having a massage, the weight of a baby really wears you out and my back is sore and tight.

I also may go to acupuncture either Friday or Saturday and hoping to be able to go for a few long walks soon. I was doing so good and then I got a pedicure on Sunday where they did a botched job and I left with exposed skin! I have only been able to wear flip flops, I’m hoping by tomorrow I can comfortably wear sneakers again.

It seems like I’m trying to coax her out with the EPO, Raspberry leaf tea, massage, acupuncture etc. but I’m just trying to prep my body as much as possible for a natural start to labor. I would hate to be thinking of what I could be doing to move things along on and after my due date. I’d rather try a natural way then a medical way.

She’s happy, safe, warm, and well fed. Why would she want to come out? I’m going to let her pick her birthday, coming from a big time planner though this makes me anxious…I have no idea when this little Ms. wants to make her appearance. Learning to be a parent defiantly starts before the baby is born!

To the fun part of end of pregnancy, symptoms:

Back pain has been better then the past 2 weeks. I use a heating pad at night for a little bit before bed and that usually does the trick.

Sleeping on my left side is more comfortable then my right, still waking up to pee 2-3 times a night, holy thirst-I drink 2 Nalgene bottles of water a night! and I think I have mild insomnia now. I was up at 3:45 this morning and by 5:15 couldn’t sit still anymore so got out of bed. Jarod gets up at 6:00 and when he came down he asked why I was banging pots and pans?, There’s not much you can do early in the morning so I unloaded the dishwasher Smile packed his lunch and started breakfast.

I started having hot flashes. It must be due to the excess of hormones. All of a sudden I’ll feel one come on and I get sweaty and my cheeks turn bright pink.

My fingers and toes and puffy. I was making pie crust with my aunt over the weekend and couldn’t even take my rings off to bake.

I’ve also started to feel cramps. If I wasn’t pregnant I would say I was getting my period.

Other than those fun things and some slight nausea the past 2 mornings, I feel great :)

I know all these symptoms sound bad, and I’m defiantly done with being pregnant at this point but being pregnant is so much more then just the symptoms. When I sit down and rub my belly to calm her kicks I know I’m going to miss it, I realize how close I am to the end now and honestly feel a little teary knowing I have to share her with the world.

Everyday Jarod and I say how in awe we are at how are lives could change any day now.

I am so excited to meet Piper and see what this sweet and already sassy little girl will look like!

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37 Weeks



Whoa Mama, that’s one big belly

I can’t believe I’m already at 37 weeks, I feel like this pregnancy has flow by. I remember Jarod and I being so excited we were pregnant, then the first doctors appointment, first ultrasound, hearing the heartbeat, finding out the sex, feeling the first flutters and then kicks, viability week, and now full term!

Not only are we full term but it’s October 1st which is her birth month. She can literally come any day this month. By October 31st if she’s not here my midwives will probably suggest inducing me, which is not something I want to do but I’m also not looking to grow a record weighing baby.

The middle of last week I started drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea and taking/using Evening Primrose oil. These do not induce labor but help prep the body for it. Raspberry leaf tea helps tone the muscles of the uterus to help labor move along more progressively, not so much faster but more efficient. Evening Primrose oil helps thin the cervix so that when I do go into labor and I also heard in helps with tearing (I know, TMI- Sorry!)

My back has been the most uncomfortable part. I’ve defiantly reached that I’m over this point and just ready and excited to meet our little girl.

Sleep has been ok besides the wake-ups to pee. I may just be getting used to less sleep now. Also I would love to take a nap but lounging on the couch isn’t comfortable, although a heating pad and Jarod rubbing my back does feel good so most nights end this way.

Weight: Ugh, the inevitable gain. I think I’m at 32lbs gained now, I have my prenatal appointment tomorrow so I’ll know for sure. I can tell I’m retaining a lot of fluid and now in the end that I’m not walking everyday like I used to the weight is coming on. I try not to be overly crazy about what I’ve gained, I’ve enjoyed foods that I might have otherwise restricted myself from, and for my first pregnancy I think I’ve done pretty good and have learned a lot for the next time around <—- yes I want to do this again :)

Yesterday I got my car cleaned, washed and went to the police station to have the car seat installed. After that I went to Babies R Us to get a sun shade, baby on board sticker and mirror for the back of the seat. Later that evening Jarod and I uninstalled the car seat and redid it because the level was a little off. When I went to the police station to get it installed the car was on a bit of hill so it didn’t end up level when I was in my flat driveway, I’m not really sure why the police officer trained to install these didn’t take that into account. At least I saw him put it in the first time so fixing it with Jarod was easy.

Hospital bag is almost completely packed,  Nursery is all set up, and I started getting Pipers clothes and Diaper bag ready too. While I’ve been doing this Jarod had been chopping and stacking wood, installing new piping for the woodstove, and finishing up side work. We both have our own way of nesting.

We are ready.

I’m not going to lie and say I don’t have fears and doubts about labor as it inches closer and closer. My goal is to have an un-medicated birth and I know my body is capable of doing that. If my birth plan doesn’t go the way I’ve imagined I’m ok with that because no matter what my outcome will be the same….our daughter will be born.

The last thing I want to do these days is take pictures of myself or rather my growing belly, but I really want to be able to look back on this time. I’ll probably update weekly now that I’m 3 weeks away from the due date and any post could be my last pregnancy one!

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35 & 36 Weeks



Bottom left picture, boobs resting on belly, bottom right picture with a little lift. I swear my boobs make me look so much bigger!

How far along? 36 Weeks

Total weight gain: up 30 lbs.- I think I’m done weighing myself at this point, its just going up so much every week!

Maternity clothes? yup – I’m still able to mix in non maternity clothes a bit, but as for pants if they aren’t yoga or leggings they are pregnancy pants, absolutly hate the panel but it’s the only way they stay up now.

Stretch marks? none on my stomach but a few on my thighs, I cant even see underneath my belly anymore but Jarod says I don’t have any under there, hopefully he is not lying!

Sleep: I;m still waking up 2-3 times to pee at night and its become difficult to roll over, it’s a real process. My body pillow is amazing for helping to support me at night.

Best moment this week: week 35-seeing our little girl at the ultrasound. They estimated her weight to be at 6 lbs. and she’s in the 80th percentile for weight, heart murmur was undetected too which they said she would most likely fix. We have one healthy baby girl :)

Miss Anything? lots of things… Like being able to sleep through the night, drinking pumpkin beer and wine, putting my socks on (seriously I cant do this, flats and flips flops only) but this experience has been amazing & I’m going to miss having her in my belly.

Movement: still lots of movement, I thought I might have felt hiccups but I think that was just me hoping. My belly is doing some weird alien like moves lately, sometimes I feel like she’s trying to get out.

Food cravings: I am at the point where I’m just eating to not feel hungry so little bits every couple of hours. Fruit I’m loving still and cinnamon doughnuts from the farm stand I could eat for every single meal

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope

Gender: Girl

Labor Signs: No, not even a Braxton Hicks contraction? She’s pretty content in there still

Symptoms: Back Pain! the past two weeks have been pretty bad. I’ve had some serious upper and middle back pain, this week its settled in my right side under my shoulder blade. I’ve gone to the chiropractor, massage therapist, and use a heating pad. Unfortunately none of these work long term for me. I hate to complain now because I’ve had such a great pregnancy with no real symptoms up until 34/35 weeks with this back pain so although I’m uncomfortable I consider myself lucky and fortunate.

Belly Button in or out? in / flush with belly

Wedding rings on or off? still on my sausage fingers

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’m back and forth these days, happy mostly but defiantly times mixed in where I’m uncomfortable and ready to not have any more back pain. One moment I’ll be smiling dancing in the kitchen with Jarod the next upset that he’s on his phone playing buck hunter lol?

Looking forward to: Being full term next week!

Nesting /  To Do: Pack hospital bag is what’s currently on my mind and I’ll be working on that this weekend.

This past weekend I finished my fall decorating. Fall/September marks the start of the best time of year, the next few months will bring us a baby girl, holidays, family, new and old traditions, and so much more!


Photo1 (1)

photo (1)


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33 & 34 Weeks


photo (8)photo (9)

How far along? 34 Weeks

Total weight gain: 28 lbs. gained

Maternity clothes? maternity & comfy clothes

Stretch marks? no new ones

Sleep: Not so great. Although the weather has been great for sleeping and I’m not uncomfortable sleeping yet, I just seem to wake up a lot. Maybe this is my body preparing me for motherhood.

Best moment this week: Our Babymoon! Jarod and I went up to North Conway New Hampshire for the weekend. A friend of ours offered their mountain house to us to use and we couldn’t say no. North Conway holds a special place in my heart because its where we got engaged so coming here one last time alone was perfect. This will be the last vacation away as just the two of us, next time we will be a family of 3!

We went out to eat at our favorite restaurants, did some outlet shopping, had some drinks on the deck, and just lounged and relaxed with no itinerary.

Moat Mountain’s Oktoberfest and Zeb’s Lemonade!

photo (7)

Leaving North Conway we stopped for the perfect photo-op:a belly picture in front of Piper Trail. I may have to get this framed for the nursery!

photo (6)

Miss Anything? Being comfortable, pumpkin beer, and hot dogs!?< — I never eat these?

Movement: Lots of jabs to my sides and tickles/kicks under my rib cage, just not as strong because she getting pretty cramped in there, and I have yet to experience her hiccups. On the way home from the mountains

Food cravings: Pumpkin Spice anything and Breakfast foods!

Got my first PSL from Starbucks on Friday ….. to me this is FALL

photo (10)

Last weekend we took an hour road trip to Mason NH (bright and early with a hung-over husband) to Parker’s Maple Barn. ohmahgawd so good! I love breakfast and diners and will drive just about anywhere to try someplace new, let me rephrase that, I will make Jarod drive just about anywhere to try a new breakfast spot.

The pumpkin pancakes were amazing! I highly recommend this place, we will be back with Piper in tow because this little girl already loves maple sugar as much as me, she kicked me the whole time I ate the pancakes….cant wait to see her try her own for the first time—>maybe next fall!

photo (11)

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, but I have realized that since becoming pregnant I have not had a piece of gum and have no desire of artificial flavored anything.

Labor Signs: No

Symptoms:  I am currently rocking the pregnancy waddle and have nagging upper back pain.

Belly Button in or out? in/flat

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: most of the time I’m Happy, if I get tired or hungry I can be a crank bag but usually only Jarod get the wrath of me, poor guy.

Exercise: some walks and Yoga. I also think that any type of house work at this point should be considered exercise!

Looking forward to: baby girl’s arrival!, finishing the nursery, and my prenatal massage next week :)

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Baby To Do List


Complete a baby registry and figure out what I am going to buy sooner rather than later- Babies R Us

Purchase and assemble crib and mattress

Finish making nursery décor decisions

Buy dresser, side table and some kind of rocker/chair/glider and assemble

Paint closet, get closet door and figure out closet system of organization

Get new door for nursery- decided on hanging a curtain

Re-do ceiling fan

Paint nursery and fix scuff marks on walls?

Buy and Hang curtains and blinds no curtains for now, just put up white cordless blinds

Attend birth center open house at Anna Jacques- July 2013

Attend childbirth class, breastfeeding class, and baby care basics class –Signed up for BANI birth class starting  June 23, 2013 last class in late September, Breastfeeding class September 9, 2013

READ LOTS OF BOOKS!! – Ina May Gaskin, BANI, Mindful Birthing, etc. – will probably be reading up until she arrives

Hire a doula (done- Caitlin!)

Write out birth wishes-

Research baby health insurance and write down all contacts for after delivery- Piper will go right onto our insurance as soon as she is born, Tufts Health Care

Research cord banking- decided to nix too expensive and you have to jump through hoops to actually use it if needed

Research local placenta encapsulation – Everything is set up

Choose pediatrician

Buy things for postpartum – like nursing bras or nursing pads

Install car seat and have it inspected by Fire Department

Wash all new things have all 0-3 months clothes and swaddlers washed, holding off on the bigger sizes in case she’s too small or big for them.

Nest the crib

Purchase and assemble stroller-

Put together any gear that requires assembly (sleeper, swing, seats, pack n play etc.) in preparation for baby arrival. At the very least, figure out how stuff works in advance.

Put all baby things like wipes, toiletries for baby and shampoos in a handy spot- need help with this organization project!

Finish diaper changing station assembly

Purchase and Pack a diaper bag – in LOVE with my Storksak diaper bag

Pack hospital bags

Figure out dirty diaper disposal, possibly diaper genie?

Baby names- Done! 

Schedule newborn photographer Have her notified of due date, but she comes within 7 days of birth to the house so I can’t have an exact date planned.

Buy gift for doula

Buy lots of cards and stamps for thank you notes

Write all thank you notes shower thank-you’s done within 2 weeks, score.

Go on a babymoon- North Conway for the weekend September 7, 2013

Freeze some meals

Finish school – 3 classes left signed up for 2 this fall, get it done!

Discuss with Jerry time off from work:

Time off will be 2 weeks when she’s born

Then WORK FROM HOME! So excited about this and my home office is all set up.

Of course I will need to get into the office some days for a few hours, but I have that covered

Work schedule to be:

Monday- mom can watch for a few hours (as need be)

Tuesday- can come in at night 5-7 while Jerry has appointments

Wednesday- mom can watch for a few hours (as need be)

Thursday- can come in at night 5-7 while Jerry has appointments

Friday- Terri will watch for a few hours (as need be)

I also will be getting a pack and play for my office in case I need to bring Piper in with me, I have my own small office on the 3rd floor so bringing her isn’t an issue.

I had all arrangements done to go back to work after 6 weeks and had Monday, Wednesday and Fridays covered for our mothers to watch Piper and then go in Tuesday and Thursday nights when Jarod got home. Now that I’m working from home after 2 weeks of full time full pay off I can use our mothers as needed and it doesn’t need to be a full day for them anymore.

So pretty much all I have to do is:

  • Buy more thank you cards, stamps, and gift for doula
  • get my organization together for wipes station and extra toiletries
  • pack hospital bags and diaper bag  (not a necessity right now but I’m excited to do it!)
  • install car seat when we get closer to the due date and have inspected
  • Finish the nursery- so close on this one I’d say 2 weeks and it will be complete
  • freeze some meals and go on a few dates (dates meaning relax on the couch in our pajamas and eat Cheetos while watching Duck Dynasty reruns)
  • And I’m sure my biggest thing in the last few weeks will be “nesting” aka cleaning and organizing like a mad woman

Sometime seeing the list in writing makes me feel like I have accomplished so much but even seeing what I still need to do, makes me think of more things and I get a bit overwhelmed, but all in all I think I’m doing pretty good.

Looking forward to our babymoon to North Conway this weekend!

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